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City   Dubai  -  Bur Dubai
Date:   20/03/2014

Every business in Dubai needs a “Partner” except if you want to open a business in a freezone in Dubai. Usually, to open a business in a Dubai freezone requires a big capital. It is not a place for small businesses. The Partner MUST be a UAE national. A strong parnter with lot of contacts and influence can be very useful for the business to start and run. Why? You will see many reasons throughout this page.

You have to pay an ongoing fee to the partner. There is a big chance that the parnter may demand a percentage of the profit in addition to the fee.

Once you have acquired a partner, you have to register your business and obtain the Trade License. There are different rules for different business types. For an example, there are specific hygiene related rules to start and run a restaurant. It is not very easy to register a business in Dubai. You may have to seek your partner’s help to get your business registered. Language is a major barrier when dealing with government employees. Otherwise there is a big chance that the application will be rejected.

There are two types of Dubai companies open to incorporation for foreign investors or investors who are not citizens of the UAE. Depending on the business activity that the company wishes to pursue, the Dubai authorities will indicate the type of legal structure that the company can take. No matter what type of legal structure the company in Dubai assumes, the company will always require a local Dubai partner or a national or citizen of the UAE in one of two legal forms.




Shuraa Management & Consultancy LLC, we have a panel of reliable and trustworthy local partners. Our partners range from local UAE nationals who can expedite the various business requirements for you to partners who can give you tremendous clout and visibility by being a member of your board. Some of our partners are business tycoons and the mere mention of their names will bring immediate recognition and respectability to any new business venture in Dubai. This is crucial when approaching various government departments for permits, or approaching banks for credit facilities. If you are unsure of the type of Dubai company structure, allowed for your proposed business activity, please answer a few simple questions in our obligation-free questionnaire and we will tailor-make a solution for your requirements.




A Dubai Limited Liability Company or Dubai LLC sometimes written as (L.L.C) is a recognized legal company formation structure in Dubai. If the nature of your business activity in Dubai requires that we have to incorporate your company with this structure, the local partner will usually hold a 51% stake in your company and you will hold the 49% stake in the company. There are some business activities such as banks or money-exchange firms that require a higher percentage of holding by the local UAE national partner and these are dictated by the Dubai authorities from time-to-time. Please spare a couple of minutes to answer a few simple questions regarding the nature of your business activity and we will follow up with a full proposal and potential parnters for your Dubai Company.




In a Dubai LLC or Dubai Limited Liability Company a local UAE partner is therefore a partner in your business. In technical terms he is a director on your company's board. However, this does not mean that you do not have management control of your Dubai business. There are a lot of businesses in Dubai where the local UAE partner plays an active role in the day-to-day running of the business for a percentage of the profits.




However, a larger portion of Dubai Limited Liability Companies use the local UAE partner as a "silent partner." In this arrangement, the local UAE partner is usually paid an annual "Partnership fee" in return for giving up management control of the company to the foreign investor. However, legally, the local UAE partner still holds a majority stake in your business.




This is why finding the right local UAE Parnter is crucial to the success of your business. At Shuraa Management & Consultancy LLC, all our local UAE partners are personally known to our directors and we propose them as partners only after we have successfully dealt with them over several years. This gives us unique understanding of their personality and character. As a result we can confidently recommend our panel of partners to investors such as you.


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